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HIRAC is fitted with a full suite of instrumentation to allow accurate and thorough characterisation of the chemistry occurring inside the chamber during experiments. Along with a number of commercial analysers for measuring ancillary species, such as NO, NO2, O3 and H2O, and devices for measuring temperature and pressure, HIRAC is also fitted with the instruments shown below.


Fluorescent Assay by Gas Expansion.

A low pressure, on-resonance, laser induced fluorescence technique.


Fourier Transform Infra-red Spectroscopy.

An almost universal and highly selective detection method for many atmospherically relevant trace gases.


Cavity Ring Down Spectroscopy.

A sensitive and absolute technique based on absorption spectroscopy.

Gas Chromatography

Two gas chromatography based instruments.

OH Reactivity

Measuring the total loss of OH using the FAGE technique.